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Why your Natural Hair is Thinning and How to Stop It

Why your Natural Hair is Thinning and How to Stop It

February 04, 2019 1 Comment

It started with noticing more shedding than usual while you were washing your hair in the shower. You shrugged it off as excessive shedding from wearing your natural curls in a protective style like Bantu knots for too long. You realized it was serious when you noticed balding on your edges and noticeable thin spots in your hair while styling. Your thick, natural hair was replaced with thin, fragile hair. These are all signs there may be something wrong with your hair care routine or signs of a deeper health issue. While making this realization can be depressing and intimidating, there is no time to stress yourself out. Acting fast to figure out the problem and restore your hair back to its health and addressing any underlining health issues is where your focus should be.

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