Hello Curlfriend

Curlkalon Hair, established in 2014, emerged as the pioneer in crochet curls, addressing a gap in the synthetic hair extensions market. Born out of a commitment to offer safe, affordable, and stress-free textured pre-looped curls, Curlkalon became synonymous with protective styling tailored to the diverse hair textures of natural-haired women. Providing solutions for those seeking low-maintenance and cost-effective alternatives to human hair, Curlkalon empowers women with beautiful, bouncy, and effortlessly stylish hair.

Health-conscious hair

Curlkalon's crochet curls distinguishes itself by being alkaline-free, providing a gentle and irritation-free option for individuals facing scalp sensitivities or dealing with alopecia. Alkaline coatings on synthetic hair can lead to scalp irritation and discomfort for users, particularly those with sensitive skin. Our products are perfect for those seeking both style and comfort in synthetic hair extensions.

More than just a hair brand

Curlkalon is a social force. Engaging actively with its community of women, we foster connection through organic content creation and vibrant event activations. At Curlkalon, it's about more than strands—it's about confidence, community, and celebrating the diverse beauty of every woman.