How to Find Great Crochet Braid Stylists Near Me

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Finding a stylist can be difficult to do, particularly since many stylists have diverse skills which cater towards specific hair types and protective styles. Many people struggle to understand which product or stylist is right for them, leading to bad haircuts, unhappy results and ultimately bad hair days that may result in tears. Whether you’ve recently moved to a new city or looking for a hair stylist in your city here’s how to find the right crochet stylist to suit your desired look. 

Know Your Products

Visit the company website of the style you desire and jot down your favorite product selections. Take some time and read the FAQ section so that you can be aware of the do's and don’ts in using the product. This will allow for you ask more detailed questions to a preferred stylist. 

It’s great to take some time to find some styles that you really like and put together a hair style mood board (photo collection) to better help you have a clearer picture of the style you desire. Therefore, you can present your ideal look to your chosen stylist. No confusion!


Use Social Media

There’s no better research than seeing a stylist’s actual work! You can click on a hashtag directly in a comment,  image description, so you can use the search feature on Instagram. Using the search feature gives you the opportunity to see other hashtags that are similar to expand and broaden your search. For instance, using #crochetbraidsAtlanta will result in tons of stylists who use this hashtag and post their finished crochet hair styles. You can then click the link in their bio (usually) to get more information on their services. So try using the hashtag search method by simply placing your city name at the end. It’s like a insta-Google search!


Search Styleseat

Head over to and simply enter “crochet braids” for what, enter your location for where, and desired date for your crochet style to find stylists near you

Do Some Research

Once you have a few stylists in mind, narrow down the choices even further by searching the web. Go ahead and do a Google search on the salon and the stylist you have great interest in. 

Look up the salon’s Yelp reviews and see what people say firsthand. This is a way of averaging out the reviews of a salon or stylist to get a good idea if they are a fit for you. 

Ask Around

Even in this digital age it still works to find a trusted stylist through word of mouth. If your out and see someone with a style you desire, take time to simply ask them which salon and stylist they go to and of course compliment their style! It’s great to also ask their name so that if you choose their stylist you can reference their style and also let the stylist know who referred you.

We’re excited as we are currently building out our “find a stylist’ feature on Stay tuned and be sure to be on our VIC (Very Important Curlfriend) list to be the first to know about the roll out!

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  • Carol

    Excellent article. Consultation is key before geting crochets, as everyone who does crochet does not style. I found this out, the first time I used the product. While it was cute, I was not in tears, and received compliments, I was not happy with the styling…

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