Curlkalon Edgefull Combats Hair Loss

Curlkalon Edgefull Combats Hair Loss

September 23, 2019

Hair Loss

Hair loss is a sensitive topic for many black women and many doctors and medical professionals are still unaware how to treat the epidemic. This often leads black women to go through trial and error and search for answers and trying methods on their own. 

The scope of black women who suffer from hair loss is larger than you may think. In fact, according to a study conducted by American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), “almost half of African-American women have experienced hair loss.” More specifically, 1 out of 3 black women suffer from some sort of hair loss condition. 

What Causes Hair Loss?

Through scientific research, medical professionals have been able to identify a few causes related to women suffering from hair loss. “According to Dr. Lenzy, the No. 1 cause of hair loss in African-American women is a condition called central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (CCCA), a disorder in which inflammation and destruction of hair follicles causes scarring and permanent hair loss.“ Other reasons why black women suffer from hair loss can be from pulling their hair too tight when styling, too much stress, dry and brittle hair causing breakage, or using excessive heat tools. Aside from manipulation methods, black women can experience hair loss through genetic traits such as female pattern hair loss and alopecia areata.

According to a research study by John Hopkins, researchers confirmed that there was a strong association between certain scalp-pulling hairstyles and the development of hair loss conditions such as traction alopecia. 

Effective Methods

As soon as you notice thinning or balding in your hair, you should immediately contact a dermatologist. Dermatologists are medical professionals that are able to diagnose your hair and provide a better insight on what you’re experiencing. After seeking out medical help, it’s important to revisit your diet and pay attention to the things that you’re eating and drinking.Be sure to keep a balanced diet as well as be mindful of your mental health and stress levels. Through further medical studies, it’s advised to visit your doctor for routine checkups to stay up to date on conditions such as anemia and low levels of Vitamin D. Having blood work done by your doctor can determine if those conditions attribute to your hair loss. 

Additionally, take a break from manipulating your hair with heat tools and chemicals. These processes further break down your hair’s follicles and cause breakage and lasting damage. Instead, look into wearing protective styles to allow your hair to repair without little to no manipulation. Using Curlkalon brand hair is ideal because it is extremely lightweight and does not pull on the hair follicles when installed. Curlkalon protective styles match any natural hair pattern and works well with both long, medium, and short length hair.

Confidence/Self Esteem

Losing your hair isn’t ideal and the first sign of balding or thinning can take a toll on you. Hair loss affects more than your physical appearance, it also affects your mental state. Many black women that experience hair loss also experience a loss of confidence. For some women, they become frustrated with the inability to fully style their hair due to patches or thinning in certain areas. Physical appearance is important to most women and losing hair can allow them to feel bad about themselves and even make them feel like they’re aging faster than they really are. 

The Solution//Edgefull

For most women, when you look good you also feel good. Suffering from hair loss can cause you not to look and feel your best but there are other solutions. If going to a medical professional isn’t in your budget right now, there are low-cost cosmetic products that work to combat hair loss. 

Stay away from chemicals that cause further damage and invest in harmless and natural looking products such as Edgefull’s Hair Building Fiber. The product works for women who are natural as well as relaxed. 

We’ve Got You Covered Hair Building Fiber is made up of keratin protein fibers and natural iron-based colorants. The product doesn’t contain any synthetic dyes or harsh chemicals.  

Unlike quick fix products, the Hair Building Fiber is moisture and sweat proof and can withstand a moderate amount of water.

It is important to keep in mind that the Hair Building Fiber is not a hair growth solution but simply a cosmetic concealer that can be used in conjunction with a healthy hair growth routine. If you are currently using hair growth products, it’s important to apply any moisturizers or oils before using the Hair Building Fiber. Allow the areas to dry fully before applying the product and concealing your problem spots. 

It is also essential to know that the product will not work in areas where there is complete hair loss, there must be a minimal spot of hair in order for the fibers to attach themselves and create a natural look. The Hair Building Fiber can last for several days depending on your hair routine and the treatment of your hair. For example, if you constantly touch or style your hair, you’ll be replacing the product more frequently than someone else who has a low maintenance routine. 

The Edgefull Hair Building Fiber works to build up confidence while you rock your desired hairstyles. To use the product, simply style your hair as normal, gently shake the hair fibers over the areas that need to be concealed, and enjoy your hairstyle and newfound confidence.

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