6 Tapered Cuts for Fall

The phrase “long hair, don’t care” is something we’ve all grown up to hear and embrace. Normally, no look seems to be complete without a hairstyle that shows off “inches.” However, short hair is taking the spotlight and more women are embracing rocking short styles and taking their creativity to another level.

If you’re currently rockin’ short hair and wanting to switch up your look, we’ve got some fun inspirations for you! Incorporate a modern yet edgy look with tapered cuts -- Play around with your texture, textured extensions, and color for new looks!

Give your natural curls a break and use our Curlkalon extensions to achieve your desired look.

Rock a Side Curly Bang -- A bang is always in style when it comes to hair! Switch up this look with a side curly bang instead of a traditional middle bang. No matter if you have tight coils or loose curls, this is a style that every woman can try. Our Carrie curl or our Kenzie curl extensions for a full and lengthy side bang look.

Tapered Mohawk -- The mohawk is a traditional style for a tapered cut and is always a go-to style no matter the occasion. This style is perfect for someone that wants to rock an edgy look -- Our Saniya curl extensions can help provide a full look to your mohawk.


Long, Loose Curls -- We know that short hair is taking over but if you want to add some length to your tapered cut, loose curls are a great option! This is a very popular look and can be styled with any texture -- Whether you have tight or loose curls, our Kenzie curl can give this style a full and loose look. This is a great style for a fun day out with your girls or an intimate
date night.

Full Tapered Look -- While many tapered cut styles are known for faded sides and edges, a full tapered look leaves a few inches of curls on the side. Enhance your full tapered cut by adding fun curls to the front of your hair for a full look. Use our Toni curl to achieve this look.

Spiral Curls -- The curlier the hair, the harder they stare! Spiral curls are a great way to freshen up your tapered cut and turn heads whenever you’re out and about. Create a fun and coily look using our Toni curl extensions or use our Saniya curl for a looser curl texture.

Tapered Twist Out -- You don’t always need length to achieve a bomb twist out! Incorporate this popular natural style into your tapered cut and give yourself a new look! The beauty in twist outs is that the longer you wear it, the better and more natural the curls look. Our Carrie curl can help you achieve a full look and a head full of bouncy curls to complement your
tapered cut.

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