Rice Water for Natural Hair Growth


There are so many remedies for taking care of your natural hair today. Many hair solutions can be found right in your kitchen and this popular method of growing your hair is no different. Rice water is the new phenom that is taking over the curly hair community and ladies with all hair types are joining the wave and seeing what the hype is about.

Rice Water, What Is It?

Just as the name suggests, rice water is the starch water that’s left over from cooking rice. The water left behind is actually very rich in minerals and vitamins that help promote hair growth. The rice water even helps protect your curls from damage and annoying factors like breakage. Slightly different from using plain water in your hair or a water and oil combination, rice water has to be fermented. Once you get past the smell of rice water sitting out, you begin to focus on the beautiful benefits. It’s suggested to let the rice water ferment for at least 12 hours in order for it to work in your hair properly.

Benefits, Let’s Talk About Them

Once your rice water is fermented, get your spray bottle ready because it is time for your hair to be nourished and flourish. When the rice water is sitting overnight, it produces a vitamin ‘pitera’ which is known to be rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and organic acids. Basically, it’s amazing for your hair and not only helps it grow but it also keeps it looking healthy and full of life. When the rice water is fermented, it becomes acidic which helps restore and balance the pH of your hair. Normally, plain rice water is high in pH but once it’s fermented, it levels out which also keeps your hair protected against damage. Rice water also helps work against those annoying split ends; If you don’t have time to go see a stylist, soak your ends in rice water for at least 15-20 minutes and watch your hair gradually improve.


Aside from hair growth, using rice water as a rinse also helps bring volume to your hair, a curly girl’s dream! Getting a combination of growth, healthy hair, and volume can be achieved by rinsing with rice water instead of constantly using a conditioner.

Make Your Own Rice Water

Don’t keep waiting to get healthier hair, you can go to your kitchen and make your own rice water today. Since fermented rice water has the most benefits for your hair, it is best to start with that process:

-Begin by taking half a cup of rice and soaking it in 2 cups of water, keep it aside between 15-20 minutes

-Extract the water by straining the rice and transfer the liquid you’ve obtained to a jar or container

-Once you notice a sour smell coming from the fermentation, place your container in the fridge

-Add a cup or two of warm water to the fermented rice water because it will be highly potent and direct use is not recommended

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  • Lea Brown

    I used to let the rice tater ferment for 12+ hours (up to 24), and I didn’t see any difference in my hair. I now use the rice water right after boiling it, and it works great. Hair feels really soft and strong.

  • Tamara

    With rice water, are you washing your hair with it or just rinsing your hair or using it has a conditioner?

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