Protective Styles For Spring

After the winter season leaves, Springtime brings out the sun and the fun events. One of the most anticipated times during the warm weather is spring break. There’s so much planning that goes on with spring break and the last thing you want to spend time worrying about is taking care of your hair for 3-5 days. Think about, the sun can dry out your hair, the water from the beach can instantly ruin any style, and who wants to be responsible for keeping up with hair products while on vacation?

While we welcome the spring with open arms, curly girls want to avoid the frizz and humidity that comes with the change of weather. Check out these protective styles that will protect your coils and allow you to slay on vacation.

1. Crochet Wand Curls

Nothing says beach ready more than voluminous and bouncy curls. Give your hair the protection it needs while slaying during your well deserved vacation. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of weaves and braids then a crochet curly style is for you. Use the Kenzie Curl to achieve a wand curl look without the heat tools.

2. Crochet Tapered Cut

If you think your hair is too short for a protective style, think again. Curlkalon has you covered for a protective style while lounging on the beach no matter your hair length. Add some curls and body to your taper cut or pixie look while vacationing. Simply add the Curkalon extensions to the front of your hair to protect the longer pieces while you’re away and keep the sides wrapped up at night to keep your hair nice and neat or add some extra pieces for additional length and layers. Check out a step by step tutorial video here

3. Fro’ To Love

The bigger the hair, the harder they stare. Take your crochet style to the next level with a full head of Curlkalon hair, add some flair with bangs or separate the curls to tease them out.

4. The Perfect Natural Curls

You don’t have to worry about the heat drying out your natural curls or waves from the beach messing up your curl pattern with this natural crochet style. Get the perfect spiral look with Curkalon hair ‘Saniya’ and turn heads with a naturally curly look. Try out a different hair color or a curl pattern that’s different from your own. Protect the style by putting it in a pineapple at night or using a silk bonnet. Check out a step by step tutorial video here.

5. High Curly Ponytail

High Curly Ponytail - This look may require a few products to complete but rest assured, all you’ll need is your scarf to keep it nice and neat while vacationing. Keep a completely natural and fun look with a high curly ponytail using Curkalon hair. Switch the ponytail up and turn it into a high curly bun around Day 3 of your vacation. Save yourself time when getting ready in the morning and have more time to enjoy the beach and other spring break festivities. Achieve this look with a step by step tutorial here.

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