Mother's Day Activities

Mother’s Day is around the corner and it’s crunch time. If you’re still searching for a gift, don’t fret! While presents are appreciated, moms know it’s not always about the amount of money you spend on jewelry or clothes. This year, take mom out to do something she’ll enjoy and remember for years to come.

Whether it’s your mother, sister, aunt, or grandmother, all mom’s have served a great purpose in our lives and deserve to be celebrated. Check out a few of these fun activities that you can do to celebrate the moms in your life.

  1. Wine Tasting: Visit your local winery to take mom on a fun wine tasting trip. Try out different types of wines and even take a bottle of your favorite wine home. This is a fun and intimate outing that you and mom can cherish for years to come. Wine tasting can even become an occasional weekend trip for the two of you. If you want to make it a group trip, grab your siblings or friends and their moms to make it a fun outing that everyone enjoys for the Mother’s Day holiday.
  2. Make Brunch at Home: It’s no coincidence that Mother’s Day is on the best day to brunch, Sunday. Since restaurants are always crowded on a holiday, serve mom a brunch at home this year. Grab your family and treat mom to her favorite breakfast foods. You can serve her brunch in bed or get crafty and transform the kitchen into mom’s personal restaurant and the best part is, there’s no wait!
  3. Make Flower Arrangements: Flowers and cards are expected each holiday but this year, get creative and get mom involved. Find a floral arrangement class you can take your mom to or set up your own at home. Make a floral arrangement that incorporates some of your mom’s favorite colors or that’s inspired by the springtime. Learn the different ways to arrange floral pieces to make bouquets and centerpieces for the living areas or mom’s work space. This gives you and mom great quality time, saves money, and could inspire a new hobby.
  4. Book Her a Massage: It’s no secret that moms are super-humans and go above and beyond for everyone. Give your mom the gift of pampering and self care for Mother’s Day by booking her a massage. Gift her with the ultimate spa package and include a facial and nail services. Feel free to join her and turn it into a spa date or let her enjoy some alone time while getting pampered.
  5. Take a Cooking Class: It’s no secret that moms are great cooks, this Mother’s Day treat your mom to a cooking class where she can learn new recipes. It’s also a fun way for you both to bond and have fun in a different way. You can find different cooking classes in your area online. Step outside of your comfort zone and try a new cuisine or a recipe from a different culture. If you both really enjoy the dish, it can be the next meal at the dinner table.

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