DIY Oscars Looks with Curlkalon

The 91st Academy Awards Show aired last Sunday night and while some may have been interested in the awards, we had our eye on the red carpet looks. Hollywood showed up and out this year with so many hairstyles that you can create at home in an hour. Coming up with hair ideas can be difficult, but we have you covered. Here are six Hollywood looks you can create using your favorite Curlkalon crochet hair.

Naomi Campbell

If you tuned into the Oscars red carpet, there’s no surprise Naomi Campbell starts our list! The gorgeous and talented model attended the Vanity Fair party wearing a curly afro with front bangs resembling a natural afro. There is no question Naomi can pull off any look, but what makes this style special is its relatability for any age. Curly afros are popular to wear on any occasion and we’re happy to see an African American woman sporting one at such a prestigious and selective event.

You may think this look will be difficult to achieve with flexi rods, but Curlkalon offers the fastest and best solution. The Toni Curl is the smallest and tightest coiled curl in the collection and can easily resemble Naomi’s style. Braid up your hair and install the crochet Toni hair in a circular pattern all around including front bangs. You should end your crocheting process at the top middle section. For more definition, separate the strands in the curls to create volume. After separating the curls, trim your curls in the front to create bangs while also cutting the remaining curls to create subtle layers. Can you believe it’s that easy to achieve this look?

Taraji P. Henson

Our favorite Empire star made her way to the Vanity Fair red carpet wearing a skin-toned jumpsuit and lace wig with amazing beach waves. Even though Taraji is wearing a wig, this as a crochet style was a perfect dupe to recreate for the office or happy hour.

If you’re looking to recreate Taraji’s hairstyle, the Kenzi Curl is our biggest and boldest curl that resembles the volume of Taraji’s wig. For a look that falls just below your shoulders, we recommend purchasing the 20” curls. When crocheting the hair, leave a side part adding volume to one side. If you want to increase the volume and add more waves, gently brush out the crochet hair adding soft waves to the hair.  

Chloe x Halle

Chloe and Halle may be the youngest of our group, but their trendy styles and Beyoncé-approved feminist music makes them the perfect ladies to draw inspiration from. Like the others listed above, Chloe and Halle debuted sexy, yet age appropriate dresses we loved along with their styled hair. The two ladies have dreads and while some would struggle to think of different styles to wear to events, Chloe and Halle always wear a new style to every red carpet.

For those looking for different ways to wear their crochet hair, we’re going to look at Chloe for her updo with bangs. To recreate this look, we’re going to use the Saniya Curl in 24”. Even though the hair is larger than Chloe’s locks, it’s the perfect size to create a natural updo for crochet hair. Crochet the hair in leaving out a small section for front bangs. Create a top updo bun with the left out hair letting some curls subtly fall out the style. To ensure the style stays in place, add bobby pins. For the front bangs, give the crochet hair a trim cutting just above your eyebrow.

Lupita Nyongo

Wakanda Forever! This award season is the year for Black Panther and we’re happy to see them receive the accolades they are getting. As each cast member graced the red carpet, Lupita Nyongo continues to stand out among the rest. She wore a beautiful avant-garde dress with feathers with a natural hair updo staying true to her natural texture. We thought it would be fun to add a little challenge to our DIY looks and recreate a Lupita signature for our edgier ladies.

Lupita’s look is perfect for the ladies with their hair shaved at the sides. While you cannot add crochet hair to your sides, you can add hair in the middle still changing up your look giving it more edge. Just as Lupita has added hair to the middle, add Carrie Curl crochet hair giving yourself longer texture and bouncier curls. Pinning as you please, you can create a classic, quick updo just like Lupita.

Diana Ross

If we’re highlighting African American queens, we cannot forget the queen herself, Diana Ross graced the Vanity Fair after party red carpet with her son and daughter, Evan and Tracee. We love her classic, natural look, and believe it or not, it only takes an hour to recreate her iconic look with Curlkalon hair.

As Diana loves volume, loose curls and body, it’s only fitting we use the Kenzi Curl. As the biggest and boldest curls, you’ll want them in a long length and bigger body. Crochet the hair into your braids with no part showing, but letting the curl’s flow naturally. For body, separate the strands from each curl. Diana’s hair may be straighter, but your curly style will go down in history as your best look.

Zuri Hall

If you’re not familiar with Zuri Hall, this black queen is an E! Correspondent and a natural hairstyle wearer. Although she is young, her style is the perfect mix of classy, trendy and urban relating with all generations. Zuri was briefly on the red carpet, but we found her reporting from before the carpet as the young mogul she is. Her dress was a gorgeous hue of purple, and it paired perfectly with her chic updo. Her hairstyle is the perfect inspiration for a crochet look.

Want to recreate Zuri’s look? Because her curl pattern is tight and kinky/coil we’re opting to use the Toni Curl in 20”. The hair may be a little longer than hers, but don’t worry! This is an updo and the longer the hair, the more it will help create body for the overall look. Crochet the hair in a circular style ending at the top middle of your hair just like we did while creating Naomi's look. Separate the crochet hair in half from front to back. Get bobby pins and pin the back straight up with the hair near the front section. If you’re worried about your natural hair showing in the back, loosely pin the hair up so that it’s not pulling at your roots to disclose your hair. After pinning, give your front bang layers for length to complete your Zuri look.

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