Changing Your Natural Hair Look with Color

It’s never too late to start 2019 over. As we approach spring, now is the perfect time to recommit to your New Year goals and make the changes you listed in your journal. Your goals may include committing to the gym, finding a new job or even taking up a new hobby. While we cannot help you with those, we can help you with creating a new hairstyle for your look. Instead of cutting your natural tresses you worked so hard to grow and maintain, why not try a new color as we head into Spring. If you’re not sure what coloring system you want to commit to, here are some ways you can change your natural hair look with color. We’ll give you some tips for each woman: one itching for a drastic change, or the other wanting to play it safe. Either way, you’ll be on your way to starting March as a new you.

Hair Paint/Wax


As hair paint has become popular among the millennial generation, this new coloring process has proved to be the most efficient coloring system in maintaining your natural curls. Hair paint is a temporary water-based coloring system that requires no maintenance and a simple wash-out to go back to your natural hair color. By simply applying the wax to the hair and letting the wax dry, your natural curls will pop with definition and a new style. There are numerous colors with blue, red, and green hues. As the colors can be bright, there are safe options like gold, silver, and black that are appropriate for all settings. Since the wax is temporary, you can change the coloring as often as you wish.


If you’re set on coloring your hair but want a system that doesn’t comprise your natural hair, a rinse is best for you. A rinse gradually ‘rinses’ out of your hair every time you wash it. After a number of washes, the rinse will eventually wash away completely, reverting back to your natural hair color. The color is semi-permanent and will not compromise the integrity of your hair. If you are considering a darker hue like dark burgundy or dark brown, a rinse will be the safest and healthiest option for you as you will not need drastic coloring to achieve the color.

Just as there are many benefits to applying a rinse to your hair, there are other things you should consider. Like any other major hair treatment, it is best to have a professional perform the service. We do not recommend trying to apply a rinse by yourself. Rinses require maintenance and upkeep for the color to stay your desired shade. By, hair maintenance, we mean purchasing products that do not wash away the color and scheduling routine rinses to keep your color thriving. Rinses keep your hair safe, but also require a professional for upkeep.

Permanent Dye

If you’re looking to make a drastic change to your natural hair color with a bright hue or very pigmented hair color, permanently dying your hair is going to be your best option. Dyeing your hair can be done with two different methods. You can color your hair with permanent box color or you can bleach your hair. While box coloring is the more cost-efficient choice and can also be done by yourself, you may not achieve the color you were going for. If you do not achieve your desired color, your hair may require further coloring and which would potentially compromise your hair. The second dyeing method is bleaching your hair. Unfortunately, bleaching strips your hair color of its natural pigment, which results in a significant loss of moisture. However, by stripping your hair, you will be able to achieve lighter hair colors. We highly recommend have a professional perform this treatment.

Out of all of the coloring option we've listed thus far, bleaching is by far the most damaging and requires an abundance of routine maintenance. Bleaching your hair can lead to thinning, shedding and breakage. If you aren’t proactive in taking care of your hair and adding moisture to it, your hair can end up seriously damaged.

 Hair Extensions

As we've walked through the different coloring process you can apply to your hair to achieve the desired color, our suggestion before coloring your natural curls is testing the look with hair extensions. Hair extensions should be your first option for multiple reasons. If you are drastically changing your hair color and/or aren’t sure how the style will look on your hair, dying the hair extensions or wearing pre-colored hair extensions is highly suggested to see if you will like the style long-term. If you are indecisive and do not want to fully commit to the hair color, wearing hair extensions are a great alternative.

Hair extensions also serve as a great protective style. Maybe your hair isn’t in a healthy state and cannot afford to be bleached or colored without thinning and falling out. Wearing hair extensions colored to your liking allows your natural hair to grow, gain strength and become healthy for coloring at a later date. You’re still wearing the color you like while getting your natural hair ready for its change.

Coloring your hair requires dedication to preserving your natural hair curl with numerous deep conditionings, trims, visits to your stylist and maintenance costs. If you’re looking for an affordable style and already cannot maintain effort keeping your hair healthy, hair extensions are the best alternative.

Curlkalon is the easiest crochet install style and has a variety of hair colors for anyone looking for a change. Honey Ombre is a perfect option to wear professionally in the office and trendy enough to wear out for happy hour. Burgundy has been a very popular hair color that first-timers like to try out. Trying them out with Curlkalon first can be crucial to see if they fit your style. Lastly, Tri-color is for the woman looking to spice up her hair, but doesn’t want to extensively color her hair. With all of the hair options we've discussed, you're ready to spring into the new season with a fabulous new hair color! Let us know what color(s) you decide to try in the comments!

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