What You Didn’t Know About Marley Hair

What is Marley hair?

Search youtube, blogs and natural hair communities and almost every time you’ll see someone ask “what type of Marley hair is that?” It’ time to break the sad news to you about Marley hair.The truth is, Marley hair doesn’t really exist. Here’s the deal. Most of us are familiar with the Marley family and to most people the family is synonomous with locs and natural hair, so what a genius idea for a company to name their brand of hair Marley hair. It’s all kicks and giggles until the family demands their name and likeness to be removed from product packaging. That’s exactly what happened. So the company who was famous for selling a brand of textured braid hair called Marley hair, had to get creative and re-brand their product.

Meanwhile we’ve tossed the name Marley hair around so much, we’ve come to believe that all textured kinky braid hair is Marley hair–it’s not! Most all brands get their hair from a handful of sources, just like us, and the textured 100% synthetic hair we’ve all come to love is actually called Afro-kinky braid hair. Each brand then has the flexiblity to rename it themselves; if Afro-kinky just isn’t sexy enough for you.

You’ll still hear the words Marley hair being tossed around, but at least you’re informed and you won’t get frustrated when you go to the beauty supply store looking for Marley hair and you can’t find it!

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  1. lashanda says:

    This was a great post I didn’t know that about the name change. great info!

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