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  • Simply because we put you first!

    As a company ran by women for women, we understand the importance of using our time wisely. When it comes to our hair routines, we often find ourselves spending countless hours, whether at the salon or at home in our bathrooms, going after the hairstyle we desire. Curlkalon™ offers women textured pre-culs that’s install ready! Our products are quality 100% synthetic fibers that provides the natural curly look you desire. We have you confidently covered with a time-saving, safe, and affordable solution!

  • How many boxes of hair should I order?

    Each box of Curlkalon™ Hair comes with 20 bouncy curls. If you use our special 1 x 10 formula, you’ll get the perfect look every time. That means use 10 curls per braid. You’ll want to order 1 box of hair for every 2 corn rows you have. For more volume increase the number of corn rows and boxes of hair.

    (example: If you have 8 corn rows. You’ll need to order 4 boxes of hair.)

    When will my hair arrive?

    Our number one goal is to get our curls in your hands! Once you place your order, please allow 2-4 business days (excluding holidays) for Standard U.S. orders, 1-2 business days for Express U.S orders (excluding holidays) and 7-14 business days (excluding holidays) for international orders.

    Note: Back orders will ship 7-14 business days from initial date of order.

    What length should I order?

    It depends on how you’re feeling. Short and cute or long and luxurious? Our curls come in 2 lengths. 10″ and 20″. Remember, the length is the measurement prior to the curling process of the hair. When you stretch your bouncy curls you’ll get the actual length. Although, your curls won’t drop much, you’ll spend the next 4-6 weeks fluffing so you’ll begin to see the fullness of your curls develop.

    What about Refunds?

    Sorry curlfriend, all sales are final. If there is an error on our behalf please contact us at orders@curlkalon.com to further resolve any issue.

  • Expected delivery date

    Shipping: All in-stock orders made Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) before 11:00am EST will ship the same day with a 3-5 day delivery for domestic and 7-10 day delivery for international. Any in-stock orders made on Friday after 11 am EST through Sunday, will ship on the next business day.

    Back Orders: All back orders will ship between 7-14 business days from the initial order date Monday-Friday (excluding holidays).

  • Current Colors

    Layer 5

  • Is this Marley hair?

    Let’s dispel this myth! No. There is no such thing as Marley hair. There was once a hair brand that named their hair Marley, but they were soon sued and told to change their name. Our Afro Kinky synthetic hair is called Curlkalon™. Don’t you love when you are properly educated?

    Can Curlkalon™ hair be washed?

    It could, but it’s not recommend. You would lose your beautiful bouncy curls and since we don’t promote re-curling, due to the potential liability of hot water burns when dipping, we wouldn’t advise you to do so. Our hair is reasonably priced so that you can buy ready-to-install curls for your next installation.

    Does Curlkalon™ hair frizz and tangle easily?

    All synthetic hair will experience frizz, lucky for you we’ve invested in high quality 100% Toyokalon synthetic hair that last longer than many other fibers. A little frizz actually gives a more realistic look. We recommend that each week you give your curls a little TLC. Check out our blog and youtube channel  on ways to reduce frizz and unruly tangles.

    Can I use heating tools?

    Heating tools (i.e. blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, etc) are not recommended as you could damage your Curlkalon™ hair and may lose curls.

    How long will my curls last?

    With proper care, these curls are in it for the long haul. You do not have to re-curl your Curlkalon™ hair! If you follow our care and maintenance instructions, your curls will last up to six weeks or longer. Promise!

  • How long does pre-ordering last?

    Our pre-order sales last for a period of 1 month.

    Can I change my order once it's placed?

    Once your order is placed, our fulfillment center will begin packaging your order for shipping. If you need to add additional products to your order, we ask that you make an additional purchase or email our customer service team with your order number at orders@curlkalon.com.

    When will my hair ship?

    All pre-orders will ship the next day after the 30 day period.


    To become a reseller, you must meet several business criterias. To help us qualify your business for a resell opportunity, please email the following information to wholesale@curlkalon.com. After review, a representative will contact you directly.

    1. Your business name
    2. Your business address
    3. Business type
    4. Number of years in business
    5. Include a brief profile of your company