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What I Learned with the Power of Saying

What I Learned with the Power of Saying "Yes" - The Perfect Curl

July 08, 2019

2016 BellaKinks Convention - Dallas Texas

In my days of Curlkalon start-up mode, I encountered daily bumps and bruises from technical meltdowns to scraping website design ideas, to tossing failed curling tests of synthetic hair crochet into recycling bins. These critical times forced me to remain focused, like a game of laser tag, “don’t put laser down, you’re almost there...”! I was reminded of my motivation at each pit-stop to not get caught up in my own hype. I remember at one point after cooking over my stove, nearing the 50th batch of crochet curls there was a continual white residue being left behind in the boiling pot, in which revealed itself onto the curls as well. It baffled me for two days until I said, “there has to be a way to remedy this” and I told myself  “Yes, it is!” I proceeded with multiple rinsing trials of the synthetic fibers that ended in failed attempts and still the same problem. I then figured I’ll try and change the water from tap water to distilled water and boom! 


What differentiates successful individuals from unsuccessful people?

Their Mindset around the power of “YES”.

Your mindset is your psychology of success that attains it and is the key to executing in it. The reason that a lot of people do not make a success of their own business is that many give up in the first failures during such a critical time. The key is not seeing failure as a negative matter, instead of considering failure as a gift, an opportunity to grow and to learn.

There was at one point I ordered an automatic curling machine in attempts to make an effortless crochet curl without the need of water at all, simply heat. Well, that turned into a hot, melting, smelly mess once I turned the machine to max high heat! But, I learned a valuable lesson on the degree levels of temperature that synthetic fibers could withstand before melting that eventually led me to have keen and proper knowledge that allows me to provide documentation to my manufacture on safe temperatures upon recreating the perfect effortless curl.

Overcoming obstacles is a matter of “Yes I Can” mindset. The people who succeed in business and in life have one thing in common: they have trained their mind to believe they could have success and possess the assurance of their ability. 

We are able to dream so big, set out tasks, do it, appropriate risks, and follow through with a perseverance state of mind. Anyone who is thinking about starting his/her own business needs to consider finding a good mentor, invest in learning about your industry, business practices and empowering self-help. Choose to stay motivated by someone successful who will encourage you to keep going by providing stories of their very own mistakes and subsequent successes add to be a huge benefit.

You cannot change the past, you may create a better future. This usually means saying NO to things, people and ways of thinking that doesn't get you to “Yes”!

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