Mom On-The-Go Trina Small of Baby Shopaholic Gets the Curlkalon Treatment with Crochet Braids


Last week we headed North of Atlanta to meet up with super fashion mom blogger Trina Small of The Baby Shopaholic for a Curlkalon installation. Click more to see how we install our Curlkalon curls, a peek at her crochet braids foundation and her thoughts on the hair.

Trina is a known style blogger and is months away from having her second baby, so we knew she needed a break from doing her hair and offered her the opportunity to experience a crochet installation using 4 boxes of our Saniya curl in 20″. She agreed.Check out the video below to see how much fun we had during this curl session. Also, be sure to visit Trina’s blog to get her full story on how she felt about her installation.

Are you thinking of trying crochet braids this Summer? Leave us a comment below.

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  1. Franita says:

    I am interested in trying your product, not a big fan of synthetic hair but something keeps drawing me back to your product. I think I saw you advertisement for Curlkalon via a crochet braid group. I live in Florida it’s hot and as we speak I have 5 pkgs of pre-twisted hair in my head and I need something much lighter and gym friendly. On a good week I am in group classes everyday except Friday and Sunday. So I need gym friendly hair. I have a round face and want to go to a semi-loose curly bob off the shoulders. My first thought was Kenzie but I think that curl for me is better for winter ( not a big hair person I’ll leave that to the young generation). I am more of the Fit,Fabulous Fifties :). What do you suggest would like to try ASAP.

    1. Curlfriend Staff says:

      Thanks for your comment! Our hair is lightweight and is a great protective style for active women. If Kenzie is too large for you we would suggest our next smaller curl “Saniya”. We hope this aids in your decision.

  2. Loahmmi says:

    I’ve been wearing crochet braids since September last year! I just saw your product today and I’m so excited to try it!! People always stop and compliment my hairstyle and I can’t wait to try it and tell them about this product!! Great job ladies!!! I really needed this, this will save me sooo much time. It literally take all day for me to do my hair myself and with this, I’ll be done uber fast!!! I’m so glad yall created this!!

    1. Curlfriend Staff says:

      Thank you Megan! We know the importance of time and we look forward to giving you your time back! Be sure to share your Curlkalon style with us.

  3. Felicia says:

    I just ordered the saniya 20-27 and 20-30 ,I’m so exited and can’t wait to have fabulous curls!! So stay tuned …

  4. My'Isha Brown says:

    I am interested in getting more information about your hair and your affiliate program

    1. Tiffini Gatlin says:

      Hi My’Isha. Please email and someone from our customer experience team will be glad to help you!

  5. crutchq says:

    I received the hair a copy of day ago I’m excited about getting it done. I wondering ,

    How do you take care of the hair to make it stay nice and curly? I have had different style of crochet braids but never with Curkalon hair.

    1. Curlfriend Staff says:

      We recommend to wear a bonnet a night and for any unwanted frizz to snip around the curl with regular scissors! Fairly simple.

  6. luvmy3boyzzz says:

    How long does the hair last on an average????

    1. Curlfriend Staff says:

      The wearing of our curls lasts up to 8 weeks! (We’ve seen longer wear!)

  7. Carysma says:

    I tried the Toni curl and I love it!!! I can’t wait to get the other curls a try!!! Good job on this hair ladies!!! Oh and the installation was super easy I did it myself and it’s beautiful!!!

  8. Penny says:

    I can’t say it enough… I love this hair. I’m now on my second style. I did the combo a month ago ( Toni and Saniya) It was super cute. I now have the 10″ Saniya and everyone thinks this is my “Real” hair and just want touch it. I’m already to get my next order.

  9. chenique says:

    I love this product but I would really like the ends colored. I see other pictures of highlighted ends but you can’t highlight synthetic hair. Can the hair be purchased already highlighted? If not is there a product the I spray on the hair to color it?

    1. Curlkalon Staff says:

      Yes! Our TT colors have colored ends of #27, #30, BG!

  10. Chirise says:

    I have tried weave extensions only twice in my life. Crochet is the newest thing I see everyone getting. I am getting ready to set sail for a week, and I am looking into maybe trying extensions again. I want my hair to like weave, but those two times were not great experiences. I cannot stand for my scalp to be irritated. I am in the middle of transitioning and my hair thin. I have been looking at reviews for this product and I have been seeing good things. I just want to know does hair irritate the scalp? How does one swim with this hair? I know it is recommended to use dry shampoo, but can you wet this hair at all? I would love to try a short hairstyle with the hair. Does anyone have any questions and recommendations for me?

    1. Curlkalon Staff says:

      Hi! Our curls are alkaline-free, in which will prevent scalp irritation. We don’t recommend swimming or washing the curls. Thanks for considering Curlkalon!

  11. lwashington2165 says:

    I love my hair Toni and Saniya! Like all of the other replies, I’ve received many compliments and folks thinking it’s my natural hair! I was visiting a friend and another visitor complimented my hair. Instantly she knew the brand and stated she had wanted to try curlkalon. I spoke of the low maintenance and that I’ve had it installed for almost 2 months. Needless to say she placed her order that day!
    Thank you for such a “natural” looking product!

    1. Curlkalon Staff says:

      Thanks for choosing Curlkalon!

  12. Aliyah says:

    Hi. My name is Aliyah and I was just introduced to this hair and I would love to try it ! Since I’m ordering online I wanted more info such as how many curls come in one pack so I could know how many to order ????????

    1. Curlkalon Staff says:

      Hi Aliyah! 20 curls come in each box. For a 20″ style we recommend a 4 boxes for a natural volume and 5-6 boxes of our 10″ curls for a natural volume. Thanks for considering Curlkalon!

  13. aisha139 says:

    Hi best hair I have ever tried for crochet braids got the kenzie pack . Split into 2 or 3 depending on size of the curl. The ends have some frizz guess coz I spilt it but overall the hair is awesome!

  14. Lioness says:

    Looking for someone to make a really short and tapered version for Alopecia patient in Atlanta. Confidence is all !!

  15. pinkribbon4199 says:

    I have permed hair and wondered how I would look with a natural look, well I have to say I looked amazing. I bought the Toni curl and had my stylist to rod the front just to cover the braids and separated each curl which gave me that natural look.Everyone thought it was my hair and complimented me on how pretty it was. I felt guilty because they were wearing their natural hair. I just placed another order. 🙂 Lastly, even my friends were fooled. LOL

  16. Patricia R. Patton says:

    where can I buy this type of hair in NC, SC or Georgia

    1. Curlkalon Staff says:

      Hi Curlfriend, We are sold exclusively online.

  17. Alicia says:

    I saw a few youtube videos with the hair… and must say…. I love it! I’m going on a tropical vacation in a few weeks, but saw that you don’t recommend wetting the hair.

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